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LHH has been a leader in providing reliable and cost-effective transportation and delivery of bulk construction materials and equipment.  Our Fleet of heavy and specialized equipment numbers over 42 pieces.  LHH currently has 6 active pre-qualified truck/tractors, 3 inactive pre-qualified truck/tractors and two 4000 gallon water trucks ready to work.  Truck/tractors are equipped with wet kits, quick change for logging gear to fifth wheel, electronic scales, and self-loaders. LHH offers a variety of trailers from Low-beds, self-loaders, bottom dumps, end dumps, high side end dumps, turkey racks, van trailers and flatbeds. We are solutions-oriented and are constantly finding ways to improve our services and efficiency through technology and innovation.  We maintain national account status with the major equipment vendors and this allows us to efficiently and cost effectively acquire and rent equipment throughout the country.  If a tool is needed for a job ~ we purchase it.

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