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LHH offers complete logging services, harvested in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner with jobs ranging from clearing house lots to long term thousand-acre forest management contracts at both the private and federal levels.  Despite size, LHH will utilize all material to benefit the land owner or conservator to the fullest.  LHH has built a reputation upon responsible harvesting and respecting the land to demonstrate the successful integration of growing and cutting trees, with the protection of plants, wildlife, soil, air, and water quality.  LHH Utilizes state of the art equipment teared to meet EPA standards. LHH is an active State Licensed Timber Operator (LTO) holding Pro-Logger status and maintains this status through continuing education.  Also as a Licensed Contractor specializing in Tree Work, LHH further demonstrates its dedication to sustainable forestry.  LHH will continue to encourage and support logger training programs. As a way to demonstrate our commitment to logger training and sustainable forestry, it is LHH policy to only contract with Qualified Logging Professionals when conducting harvest activities.  As in most areas of life, consulting a professional for information, advice, and assistance is a great way to help ensure good results. Experience has proven to us that the rate of proper FPA and BMP compliance is significantly increased when a Resource Professional is involved in a forest management activity. LHH expert crew is fully trained and tested to ensure that all jobs are completed safely and with little disruption to your property.

At LHH, Logging is about more than producing logs for the mills. LHH has a long-standing tradition of responsible forest management and encourage landowners, loggers, foresters and others to promote and support sustainable, environmentally sound forestry practices. Protection of water quality, prompt reforestation after harvest, promoting wildlife conservation, and continuously improving our practices and forest management activities to ensure long-term forest productivity and usage.  Forests are home to a tremendous variety of wildlife, producers of clean drinking water, and places for recreation. Each state has unique, but somewhat similar rules regulating forest management activities such as reforestation, erosion control, water quality and wildlife protection.  At a minimum, LHH is committed to meet these rules. However, LHH recognizes that these rules identify the minimum acceptable standards. As such, we often exceed the minimums in order to remove these renewable resources from the forest while still protecting the other forest resources such as water quality and wildlife.  The practice of sustainable forestry requires all parties involved in the production of wood products from forest land to work together. This allows us to better address environmental as well as forest productivity issues to ensure sound management practices. Landowners are encouraged to utilize the services of qualified resource professionals and qualified logging professionals. Timber harvesters need to be fully knowledgeable of the local regulations affecting timber harvesting.  LHH is an active member of TUCARE, California Logging Association & the Farm Bureau. These groups are independent organizations comprised of conservation, forest products and academic groups dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the utilization of forest products today does not jeopardize the usage of the same resources by future generations.

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