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We coordinate the removal and hauling of debris from natural disasters, structural demolition, construction and land clearing projects quickly and efficiently.  LHH has been on the front lines of the cleanup efforts working hand in hand with federal, state and local governments, agencies and officials as well as local contractors.  LHH has assisted in the cleanup of multiple fires and currently contracted under PG&E and Phillips & Jordan harvesting and clearing the aftermath of a Bark-beetle infestation that has killed and is killing millions of trees spanning California.  LHH has been entrusted to provide reliable cost-effective material sourcing, Transportation and other logistic solutions to a wide range of large scale, high-profile, technical industrial and Government/Municipal projects, where safety, security and efficiency are paramount.  Notable Projects include:

  • Natural Disaster and Special Project Cleanup

  • Public Government Utility Projects

  • Forest Fire Restoration

  • Harvesting Bug Infested Timber

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